There are other ways to protect your outdoor living areas from prying eyes than just a boring fence. Our stylish privacy features work with the natural beauty around you, giving your yard, porch, or patio a luxurious, secluded feel. You’ve imbued your home with your unique sense of style…why not extend that to your outdoor spaces?


Illuminate your landscaping, patio and walkway areas. Add style and complement the features of your outdoor spaces. Lighting also offers another touch of safety and security around your home.


We can enhance your landscape with a bubble rock and/or pond or waterfall. Some water features require little or no maintenance except for pulling the pump in the fall, or you can call us to take care of that for you. No two water features are alike. Each one is hand built by Justin, and the stone or boulder for your bubble rock can be handpicked by you.


Fire can be the focus of an evening get together for family and friends. Warning: they will attract your neighbors too! Fire boulders and fire pits present a warm welcome for all your get-togethers. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to suit your home’s style.